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Non-Compliant API (Supported APIs) For WP8.1



I just tried to submit an update of my existing WP8 to the store, and I've upgraded to WP8.1 update. However now certification failes with the following error:

Error Found: The supported APIs test detected the following errors:
This API is not supported for this application type - Api=GetDiskFreeSpaceEx. Module=coredll.dll. File=SOMAWP7.dll.
How to fix: Review the error messages to identify the API that is not part of the Windows SDK for Windows Phone Store app. Please note, C++ apps that are built in a debug configuration will fail this test even if they only use APIs from the Windows SDK for Windows Phone Store apps.
Alternatives to Windows APIs in Windows Phone Store apps.

The SOMAWP7.dll (Smato Provider) seems to come from this Unified Ad Control for WP. And seems to be the source of the problem.

Is this something you're planning to fix?


mkamonster wrote Apr 22, 2014 at 1:47 PM

Sorry, but the SOMAWP7.dll is something that's part of the Smaato ad control which we include but didn't build ourselves. Stop using Smaato and you won't need this DLL as well. It's a choice to use certain Ad Controls.